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New, top-quality motorized bicycles

black sabbath


NEW, fully assembled and test-ridden, top-quality motorized bicycles, at an affordable price. Motorized bicycles start at only $465. You can’t hardly find used motored bikes for any less.

The photos of bikes available for build, are found by clicking on the Flickr thumbnail on the right side of this page.

blog-retro If none of the bikes shown to the right are what you’re looking for, our friends at www.retrocruiserbicycles.comhave some killer, vintage-looking hand-built (not factory) cycles and specialty bikes. And they’re painted to your chosen color! How great is that? Plenty of parts available, too. If you want one of those bad boys motored, call/email me for a quote.

100% street-legal! Many states, such as RI and AZ, don’t require any driver license at all. Some states want you to register it. No problem…pay your 40bux, and you’re good for two years.

Your choice: “50”cc (actually 48cc) or “80”cc (actually 70cc) motor.

I honestly dont know the exact MPG, but it’s around 70. Save many, MANY thousands of dollars riding one of these, instead of beating up your car or truck. How does spending only 3 or 4 dollars a week for fuel sound?


No car? No problem. Costly cab fare? Forget it. Bus doesn’t run where or when you need it? Doesn’t matter. That’s the beauty of a Happy-Time Cycle…the freedom to do what you want.

Easy, easy to ride. Remember, it’s still just a bike.

Why Happy-Time Cycles? Simple….

Only premium motors with wrist-pin roller bearings, NOT bushings, for long-lasting reliability.

Only high-tensile steel-framed beach cruisers…..no aluminum here.

No holes are drilled to mount motor. That’s important.

Mr. Tuffy’s (optional) tire liner installed, to prevent flats…a must-have!

Did you hear what was said earlier? Repeat: FULLY ASSEMBLED and TEST-RIDDEN. There are no extra charges hidden in the fine print. Shipped bikes have a minimal amount of assembly…handlebars, front wheel, pedals, and seat. All cables and levers still attatched to handlebars. Will take you 5 minutes.


Cash, Money Order, Check, PayPal, Debit or Credit.

Be sure to include your full name/shipping address/phone number, and if you want a 48cc or 70cc motor in an email to me. I’ll then send a PayPal link. A PayPal account is not required.

When payment is finalized, the bike/motorkit will be ordered immediately and put together. It should be on it’s way to you in 8 or 9 days.



happytimecycles@yahoo.com (happytime…no “S”, not happytimes…..)

Anything is possible

Just about any modifications can be made to almost any bike. This is “OINKY”. I used the Black Sabbath for this. A whizzer 1.3gal tank, 70cc motor. .30cal ammo boxes as saddlebags. The paint/clear coat/decals were applied by Berniers Auto Body, Woonsocket, RI (401) 762-5252. They did an excellent job.done12

Here’s how the boxes were attatchedbrackets1



My buddy, Vinnie, builds some hellacious custom bikes and three wheelers. Here’s what he has to say about his Web Bike for sale, pictured below.

Custom frame (stretched 12 inches)

Super long forks @ 40 degrees  rake

Custom handlebars

Tear drop motorcycle mirror (no vibration)

Custom Villain gas tank

Custom fenders (web cut-outs)

Classic Springer seat

Motor mount integrated into frame with extra supports

80cc ported intake and exhaust (jug turned 180 degrees)

22mm carburetor – custom intake manifold

Custom dual (1 into 2)expansion chamber exhaust

Control cables and wiring ran through frame

Handlebar mounted light and kill switches

Custom 12v headlight and tail light(good for 2-3 hours of super bright light)

Front wheel = 24 x 3 with disc brake

Rear wheel  = 20 x 4.5 with 32 tooth engine sprocket with v-brake

This is a one of a kind motorized chopper, this bike rides as good as it looks.

Will pull me at 40mph, and definitely an eye catcher.

Not super loud, but loud enough to be heard.This is a beautiful bike designed and built by me, azvinnie.

For more info/pics please contact me azvinnie@cox.net

Serious buyers only!!! $995. cash only (no money orders/checks or other types of scams).

Web Bike #2Web Bike #3

Web Bike #4 Web Bike #5

This is a friend of mine’s bike. A Nirve Deviate, with chopper forks and a full-sized fuel tank. Bill's Deviate by It's me, Bender!.

This is our MB friend, George’s bike. Lots of little (meaning: not hard or expensive) customizations can be done, to make a bike yours.george by It's me, Bender!.

With enough time and knowledge, there’s no limit to customizing. Below, is George’s three-wheeled motoredbike. The more I look at it, the more I’m wondering if he chopped-up his two-wheel bike, to make the three-wheeler….I see a few of the same parts.spookytooth death race 2008 by It's me, Bender!.

With the right frame, no additional mods needed. This is my pal Vinnie’s red-n-black Stingray, next to my racer, Creep.SpookyTooth Saguaro Rally 2008 by Stevie Ray V.

A Happy-Time Cycle will haul your carcass at 30 miles per hour. Maybe a little faster, but certainly not less. Unless you’re GIGANTOR. In which case, the 70cc should pull your fat butt just fine.

It’s not only about the bikes….you have to understand the friendships, that are brought about because of motoredbikes. Motoredbike riders are certainly a different breed. Even when we disagree politically or socially, when the chips are down….we all help each other out.

Below, are some pics we took of the 2007 and 2008 SpookyToothCycles Death Race, and 2008 March of the Saguaro Rally.

SpookyTooth Saguaro Rally 2008 by Stevie Ray V.SpookyTooth Saguaro Rally 2008 by Stevie Ray V.Death Race by It's me, Bender!.megan death race 2008 by It's me, Bender!the_line_up by It's me, Bender!.spookytooth death race 2008 by It's me, Bender!.SpookyTooth Saguaro Rally 2008 by Stevie Ray V

SpookyTooth Saguaro Rally 2008 by Stevie Ray VSpookyTooth Saguaro Rally 2008 by Stevie Ray V

motorized bicycles by It's me, Bender!.nabor_&_vinnie by It's me, Bender!.SpookyTooth Saguaro Rally 2008 by Stevie Ray V.SpookyTooth Saguaro Rally 2008 by Stevie Ray V.



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